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Fortunately, ghostwriters are not just for the rich and famous, the politicians, gangsters and film stars whose dramatic life stories turn into books and movies and TV shows, week after week. 

Ghostwriters are for normal, busy people with jam-packed family lives and jobs and businesses to run, and whose precious time is booked solid.

Making the decision to hire a ghostwriter is no different than making the decision to hire a dentist or an auto mechanic. You don’t try to clean and repair your own teeth, do you?  And you don’t diagnose what’s wrong with your car when it’s not running properly, or lug around special tools and try to repair it yourself. I doubt it…

You trust your dental work and your auto service to the experts, right?

Why wouldn’t you do the same for your book and your content creation?BookScreen

Successful voice over artist, Bill DeWees hired me to write his book, How To Start And Build a 6-Figure Voice Over Business, which established him as an Amazon best-seller in his category and gave him instant authority in his super-competitive professional niche. 

This book helps Bill DeWees attract coaching clients to his voice over training program, as well as big corporate clients wanting his friendly, trustworthy voice for national TV commercials.

Would you like the Ghostwriting Muse to help you get your book out there working for you, too?

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